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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Site of the Month

The Site of the Month is-

This site include lots of free videos of physics both for class 11 and 12, all for free. The video lectures are by the teacher Ashish Arora. These videos are uploaded on YouTube, so, you may download them as well as watch them online. These videos are really very helpful for understanding basic concepts of cbse level. The videos are divided in small parts ranging from 2 to 10 minutes, each part on a single topic. So, you can go through each topic individually. But sometimes it seems little boring to watch these videos because you are not able to see the teacher himself, just his hand and pen... ;D
But, on the whole the site is really useful....

Difficulty Level - CBSE

Language of Communication - English

Account Needed - No

Merits -
  1. Free Videos
  2. Uploaded on YouTube
  3. Small Videos ranging from 2-10 mins topic wise
  4. Solved Examples

Limitation - The teacher has not appeared himself, so, sometimes videos are less interactive.

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