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Monday, May 25, 2015

Dropping a Year

70% students waste their one or two year in preparation after 12th board. But there are a lot of guys ( freshers) also who immediately take admission in engineering after 12th and get frustrated after watching their college's status, lab facilities , poor campus options, boring campus environment. They just find them in hell.

However there are some 15 to 20% guys who don't compromise with their expectations and aim. They drop a year , prepare for JEE... Some clear JEE and others get good colleges like BITS and TOP NIT's.

So, this is just your choice. Dropping a year is not a bad option,

but your best should come out in that year ( with your determination , great labour and hard work). It is good to spend one year in preparation rather than spending 4 years in a suffocating place.

A Quiz for You
  • Was your JEE Main score close to the JEE Main cutoff?
  • Are you really interested in pursuing engineering?
  • Was it just a stroke of bad luck that you didn’t make it to the JEE Main rank lists?
  • Did you make silly mistakes that you can learn to avoid over next year?
  • Are you mentally prepared to focus on JEE preparation?
If most of the questions have ‘yes’ as the answer, you should definitely give yourself another chance to crack JEE.

Still feeling depressed and confused..??
Take your decision...
How do you make the decision?
Take a paper any time you are in a confusion and draw a table with positives in one column and negatives in one column. Now start jotting down your reasons which can as simple as "Mom will keep scolding every day". Which ever column has significantly more points will be your decision maker.
One golden rule, however, is "Be ready to be completely determined, motivated and extremely focused towards entrance preparation for this duration.

Here is a story of an IITian who cracked IIT after dropping a year... In the first attempt he got a college through AIEEE but he soon found it disheartening... Read More... 

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  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2014

    really inspiring i am dropping this year and was very confused
    good post helped me thank you

  2. Make the best use of your time ,study hard.For reference contact