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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Just passed 10th!! How to start preparing for JEE ? : Collegepedia

Ghar wale kehte the, "Beta, bas 10th tak acche se padh lo, phir maze karna."
10th pass ki toh bole "bas engineer ban jao, phir toh life bhar ka aaram hai."

Chalo bhai yeh bhi kar lete hai !!!

So basically in this post, we will be telling you how to start preparing for JEE?

  • Case I - If you have enrolled in a two-year coaching 
    If you have already enrolled yourself in a coaching institute, then the mentors and teachers will be basically taking care of your syllabus completion.
    • The first and foremost thing is 'Believe in your mentor'. Follow his instructions. Be regular in completing your assignments and homeworks. Try your very best to keep up your pace with what is being taught in the coaching.
    • There is one habit of students to look for new books and buy them. If you are in coaching, your coaching must be providing you with material and assignments. Do them first and then go for other books. The material of coaching is normally compilation of good Q's from different books. Make sure you do each and every Q of the material given.
    • Be consistent - Do not miss classes until or unless its unavoidable. In JEE preparation, you need to understand concepts and each and every class is important. You can't afford to miss any single one of them.
  • Case II -If you are preparing on your own 
    The road is a bit rougher for you, but its not impossible. You will be needing a lot of dedication, self motivation and guidance. You can approach us any time for guidance. Lets see how you should start preparing.
    • If possible, at-least get a correspondence course of some well known coaching.
    • You should have books that explain theory as well as has got good questions. For list of books consider the following link, Preferred books for JEE. You do not require to buy all the books listed but one or two for each subject.
    • Do not be demoralised by the fact that you are not taking coaching like others. We have seen many examples of people who studied on their own and made it to IIT. Make sure you are always motivated to achieve the target.
    • Make sure you make a timeline for the whole JEE syllabus. Make a lot of plans and try your very best to follow them. Even if you fail to stick to the plan, make another plan and then try again.
    • Join test series, so you can have a look at your performance with respect to other competitors. Remember the next two years is a battle, so you need to be totally focussed and dedicated. Believe in yourself and you will make it.
Keep Asking and Best of luck :-)

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