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Sunday, May 4, 2014

JEE Main 2014 topper Interview: Prathu Baronia

JEE Main 2014 topper Prathu Baronia
who scored 342 marks out of total 360 does get tempted to solve every Maths question that he comes across.  Robotic Engineering and Science Cloning Engineering is what he dreams of.

In the exclusive interview with Careers360, the 18 year old boy from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, who had passed high school examination with 9.4 CGPA, shares his experience on sailing smoothly to the next phase of JEE 2014.

Prathu Baronia, scored full marks (120 marks) in Maths subject in first stage of the Joint Entrance Examination Main 2014, speaks here on his preparation strategy for JEE Main 2014 and his approach towards JEE Advanced which he will appear for on May 25.

Though solving mathematics questions is an all time favorite activity for him, he is also passionate for Bollywood movies. Know more about the toppers in this interview with Careers360.

Interview Excerpts:

Careers360: Congratulations for your success in JEE Main! What is your overall and section-wise score?
Prathu Baronia: Thank you. My overall PCM score is 342. Section-wise score is as following-Physics- 110, Chemistry-112, and Mathematics- 120.

Careers360: How do you see your high score in JEE Main 2014?
Prathu Baronia: I am happy and satisfied with marks that I have scored in JEE Main.

Careers360: What was your preparation strategy for JEE Main 2014?
Prathu Baronia: My preparation strategy for JEE Main 2014 was simple and traditional. I did not adhere to a strict day-to-day preparation strategy for a particular topic or subject. I started preparing for the national level engineering exam along with my intermediate examination.

Although I did not follow a time-bound deadline for any specific section to ace my JEE Main preparation but I solved a lot of mathematics questions on daily basis. Solving mathematical questions is an activity for me with which I love to indulge. So much is my love and interest in the subject that, the moment I see a math question I am tempted to solve that.

Careers360:Among Physics, Chemistry and Maths, which section/subject were you most comfortable with?
Prathu Baronia: Mathematics is the subject with which I was most comfortable. I attempted all the questions from the subject in the JEE Main 2014 exam.

Careers360: Did you turn to any recreational activity before appearing for JEE Main 2014 exam?
Prathu Baronia: Listening bollywood songs is mind-healing therapy for me. The activity helped me to bust exam nervousness.

Careers360: Were you confident about cracking the exam?
Prathu Baronia: Yes I was pretty sure about securing good marks in the exam.

Careers360: How did you find the difficulty level of JEE Main 2014 exam? Did it need any ‘smart’ preparation on your part?
Prathu Baronia: JEE Main 2014 exam was moderate in terms of difficulty level. I followed a planned time management strategy during the exam and skipped difficult questions. First, I tried to solve easy questions correctly. The strategy saved my time and helped me boost confidence after hitting a few right answers. In the second round, I attempted the difficult ones and to my surprise I could solve most of them.

Careers360: Now you would be appearing for JEE Advanced on May 25. What is your strategy for the same?
Prathu Baronia: Again, I have not devised any unique strategy for JEE Advance 2014. I will prefer studying random topics from any of the three subjects.  I am confident to crack the next level, i.e ,JEE Advance 2014 also.

Careers360: Which would be your preferred Engineering branches in IIT if you crack JEE Advance 2014?
Prathu Baronia: I have inclination towards twoengineering branches- Robotic and Science Cloning.

Careers360: It would have been hectic preparation for JEE Main during last few weeks. Do you also watch movies? Which movie did you watch recently and when?
Prathu Baronia: Yes, It indeed was time consuming preparation and demanded for all seriousness. Still, I find time to watchBollywood movies … The last movie I watched was “Shadi ke Sideffect” after my CBSE intermediate examination.

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