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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To be a winner - start early (A post for those who gave 10th board exams this year): Aman's Blog

This is a post mainly for JEE 2017 aspirants - candidates who gave their class 10th board exams this year. Others may also find it useful because I have tried to answer some of the common questions like - "How to study ?", etc

Warning : Extremely long post!!

10th exams over !
pheww !!! a sigh of relief for you - a big load gone of your head or
maybe it will go in a couple of days. Your teachers/parents must have
told you - "Get good marks in class 10th and your life will be settled

Now let me acquaint you with the bitter truth...
If you are aiming for engineering, then
class 10th mark sheet is nothing but your "Age proof".
Shocked! Yes it is nothing more than age proof. No one will ever ask
you your class 10th percentage. In no competitive exam(engineering) will
you be judged on the basis of your class 10th marks. So, even if your
exams didn't go well, don't panic. Your dream destination - IIT has
nothing to do with class 10th marks.

Let's start with exposing some bitter truths about your next 2 years : 

  • First of all, an extremely important point - "Your
    class 10th percentage/CGPA is in no way a measure of your ability to
    understand the things. It simply reflects your ability to memorize the
    you must not feel superior about being a 10 pointer or scoring a 95%.
    You must immediately forget your class 10th percentage which you might
    be taking as your biggest achievement in life till now. Maybe society
    will think you as a topper if you scored a 10 CGPA or a 95%. But soon you will realize that all this is material pleasure (Moh - maya
    as you call in Hindi). I have seen people with low percentage in class
    10th and who cleared JEE with flying colours and I have also seen people
    who had good percentage in class 10th but could not do well in JEE. To summarize

Golden rule 1 : Forget you class 10th percentage for the next 2 years.

  • Till now you were in a river - Now you will be thrown into a sea. This statement has 2 meanings intended :

  1. Till now your syllabus was very much limited (compare it with a
    river). Now, your syllabus will be huge (compare it with a sea). There
    are no books prescribed for IITJEE. People can only name a few books
    based on their experience which are closely related to IIT JEE syllabus.
    There will be a large number of chapters. Some of them will be
    interesting and others will be extremely boring. But, to get a rank, you
    will have to cover each and every chapter in width and depth.
  2. The second meaning intended is more important. Till now you were
    competing with maximum of 300 batch-mates (compare it with a river).
    Now, you will be competing with 13 lakh candidates (compare it with a
    sea) who are aiming for those handful of seats. So, better accept that
    fact that you are not going to top every time even if you were a topper in school.

Golden rule 2 : Brace yourselves - a storm is coming

and it will continue till your death

  • Accept the things as they are. You
    might be having a habit of inspecting about each formula/equation
    taught in school. But, you will have to relax this a bit. You won't be
    given proof for each and every equation now. There will be some things
    which you will have to accept as they are.

Golden rule 3 : Not everything has an explanation at your level

  • Only highly talented extraordinarily intelligent people....

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