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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to be Funny in the Class

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Everyone wants to be funny in class. It can really increase your popularity and help your social life. But how do we do it without looking like a fool?
Here's a way -
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1) To be a really good funny boy or girl, some natural funniness is required. You can still learn to be funny, but it helps a lot to have natural funniness. Still try.

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2)If the teacher or another classmate says something that can be interpreted wrong, say the wrong interpreting out loud. Make sure it's not perverted or just weird. Also, make sure to stress the word(s) that are interpreted wrong in your comment.
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3)Figure out what kind of jokes your class likes. Practice making them up on the spot.
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4)For jokes you made up on the spot, make SURE you don't laugh unless at least 3 other people do.
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5)If you plan a joke, replay it over and over in your head. This is so you don't laugh while you're telling it. This can make jokes twice as funny cause it sounds like you're serious.
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6)Mess up what other people say. For example, someone says, "That's a nice picture of you," you can say, "Thanks, I only blinded 3 people with it." However, be careful, some words can be very offensive.
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7)If you use random things only about 3-4 times per month, they can be hilarious. Example: Your class is quiet, just randomly start singing some random song.
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9)Be sarcastic! But don't ALWAYS be sarcastic because then it gets a little old.
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10)When the teacher asks you a series of questions, answer like you're paying absolutely no attention. Example: friend: Man, you suck! you: Not for free. And Friend: Why do you keep tripping? You: Girl, it takes skill to trip over flat surfaces.
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11)If you have the type of teacher you could mess around with, make fun of your teacher a bit. Example: Teacher: When I was a kid- ,you: Let me guess, you rode dinosaurs?
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12)Having a hilarious laugh sure helps. (Just don't make it sound stupid beyond stupid, for your sake.)


  • If it's the middle of the year, start being the class clown slowly, so people don't think you're weird.
  • Important: You will never be funny enough to be a class clown or for people to recognize you as funny if all your jokes are planned. You have to make things up on the spot, don't think about it, just say it. If these are constantly backfiring, maybe being funny isn't for you. But that doesn't mean you can't still make jokes with your friends.
  • If you're the Grade Dork, or just low in popularity, don't try to be a class clown. No one will laugh at your jokes no matter what. You'll just make things harder for yourself (especially in High School).


  • If your competing with another person for class clown, be funny, but remember not to over-do it, and if you lose the competition, don't keep coming otherwise people will think you're "desperate".
  • If you lose the Class Clown Competition, be a "minor class clown", only throwing in funny comments every now and then.
  • Consequences such as a teacher hating you, detentions, missing recesses, being embarrassed by the teacher, and if you push it too far even a suspension could apply.
  • If you do too many jokes + comments, it can actually end up not funny. People will think of you as annoying and you keep interrupting.
  • By all means, don't make outbursts while the teacher or a peer is making a comment. That can lead to you landing in the principal's office.
  • Being a class clown puts a lot of pressure on you, and people will expect you to be funny, but if you're a "Minor Class Clown" and you stop being funny, people will barely notice and you can get off easier.
  • If your friend is already the class clown, and you know he's selfish and/or protective of his title, you may lose him as a friend.


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