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Saturday, May 23, 2015

OH SHIT!!! Tomorrow is JEE-Advanced :

Tomorrow is “the day” of all the days. It’s the day that will decide your destiny.
There are few things that you should restrain.


You have prepared almost a year for this day. You have learnt loads of topics and concepts but there is a sure probability that some of the topics are still untouched. Do not even think of hammering those NEW topics now. It won’t do any good to you. Half knowledge is dangerous and it will only add to your confusion. It’s better to go blank on some topics than devoting unnecessary time to them. Believe in yourself and your preparation. If you still think you are under prepared, skim through prepared topics to polish your concepts. (Please Read. DO NOT CRAM)

Instead of last minute cramming its better you give rest to your mind. Get a proper sleep. This will help you tomorrow to attempt questions with a fresh and active mind. And yes, do not misunderstand proper sleep with over sleep, latter will make you lethargic. Go through your examination timings and plan your schedule for tomorrow.


Wake up for the exam on time, keeping in mind your distance from the examination center and traffic. Take a balanced breakfast. Do not over or under eat. Former will make you sleepy and uncomfortable while with latter you won’t be able to concentrate properly.
Put on your comfortable clothes but not too comfortable lest you will fall asleep in exam. You are now prepared to rush to examination center. Wait. Make sure you keep all the necessary stationeries: pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and yeah ADMIT CARD.  Now, reach the examination center at least 30-45 minutes before the entry time. Traffic, queue in examination center etc. may delay you, so better be preventive.


After reaching your test center try to maintain cool. You might see people panicking, cramming, and worrying. Try to avoid interacting with them. Get proper hydration. However, avoid excess hydration as it may disturb you later during exam. Use bathroom before exam starts just to make sure you don’t have to use the same during exam.


As you enter examination hall, follow all the instructions of hall as well as of paper. You may not like to get disqualified because of disobedience of rules.
Now as soon as you get the paper, forget everything and just concentrate on your paper. It’s JUST this paper and you will be at your destined place. 


Attempt those questions first in which you feel you are comfortable and crack those. It may happen that you will go blank on some questions. Mind it, do not get stuck in one question. That will only waste your time.  Always remember, you know it all. Take deep breaths, cool yourself and then attempt.
One last thing, your ORS sheet is your fate. Do not, I repeat do not take it lightly and fill in haste. Check it, and recheck it before submitting it to invigilator. Save at least 5 minutes for the same.


You will have gap of few hours before second paper. After your first one is over, it’s a complete NO-NO to any discussion about the paper. It will not only destroy your mood but also will ruin your next paper. Go have a nice beverage and light snacks, but do not astray far from the test center. For the second paper, follow same rules as mentioned above.

Now when all is done go have party.

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