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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Today's Jee Sample Paper

Happy New Year to all!

With the start of January 2015, we are aiming to share 1 sample paper of Jee Main and Advanced each every week ( Today's Jee Sample Paper or TJSP ) till Jee itself. 

Starting with chapterwise tests and part tests, we will go on sharing full tests.

The Last Month,  will be mainly focussed on practicing previous years Papers... With these papers, we will also be sharing solutions so that you can check and analyse your mistakes.

Use the sample papers shared here very well. Solve each and every one to get good practice of Jee...

The Routine is-
Jee Mains Sample Paper - Monday
Jee Advanced Sample Paper - Thursday

Finally, Strategy for Solving these Sample Paper...

Solve these papers strictly within time limits... Have a stopwatch with you... And give each test as if you are giving Jee itself.
If you are solving Advanced Sample Paper, give your first paper, take a break of 2 hours. Take a light meal according to your need and after 2 hours, give paper 2. Make sure in the 3 hours of paper, don't leave even for a single paper. If you need water, have some water with you.

After the test, do check your solution and get your marks (+4 for correct, -1 for incorrect and 0 for not attempted or as given in your sample paper) ...

You can check Today's Jee Sample Paper here...

Happy Solving!

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