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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kishore Kumar's 85th Birthday

The world pisses you off, you retire at a bar to calm that burning heart of yours but the drink makes you thirstier. You hum “Duniya jab pyaasa rakkhe to Madira pyaas bujhaye, Madira Jo pyaas lagaye usse kaun bujhaye” silently.

There was a time when you worked, you worked out, you went out with friends, played cricket and squash. You had no time for love, and you crooned “Ye jo Mohabbat hai ye unka hai kaam, Mahboob kaa jo bas lete hue naam”

But solitude is not always a bliss, the pessimism of staying alone sometimes made you sing “Mera jeevan Kora Kaagaz kora hi rah gaya”

But then you got reminded of the golden fact of life that there is no undo button in life, what’s gone is gone because “Zindagi ke safar me guzar jaate hain jo muqaam, wo phir nahi aate”
You smile at the times when you used to be the stud of your college and you thought “Bachna ai haseeno” was sung especially for you..

And you saw her for the first time and immediately fell in love, and how the background tune quickly changed to “Ek Ajnabi haseena se yun mulaqaat ho gayi”

You got backlogs in college papers but you never forgot “Zindagi ki yahi reet hai, Haar ke baad hi jeet hai”
Kishore Kumar was not just a singer, he was an attitude, a state of mind, a mood. He had a song for every situation. His was an untrained voice that ruled the industry for decades. He still is the common voice in playlists for every mood all across India.

Originally Shared From: TFI remembers the legend on his 85th Birth Anniversary TFI Facebook Page

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