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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Firefor Handy Tricks

1. Keyboard Shortcuts
Spacebar: page down

Ctrl+F: find

Alt+N: find next

Ctrl+D: bookmark page

Ctrl+T: new tab

Ctrl+K: go to search box

Ctrl+L: go to address bar

Ctrl++: increase text size

Ctrl+-: decrease text size

Ctrl+W: close tab

F5: reload

Alt+Home: go to home page

2.Do you know these Mouse Shortcuts?

Middle click on link: opens in new tab

Shift+scroll down: previous page

Shift+scroll up: next page

Ctrl+scroll up: decrease text size

Ctrl+scroll down: increase text size

Middle click on a tab: closes tab

3.Adding smart keywords

If you use a particular search a lot:

Right-click on search box > Add a Keyword for the search > Name the keyword and a shortcut name > Save

Now, everytime you want to do the specific search:

Firefox address bar > Type the keyword for instant search


Address bar (Control+L) > name of site sans “www” or “.com” >

 Control+Enter to auto-fill

In case of .net addresses: Control+Enter is replaced by


In case of .org addresses: Control+Enter is replaced by


5.Tab navigation

Ctrl+Tab: rotate forward among tabs

Ctrl+Shft+Tab: rotate to the previous tab

Ctrl+1-9: choose a number to jump to a specific tab

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